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  • Vacancies caused by absence of regularly assigned conductors are to be covered by the protecting conductor extra boards.

  • If stepped up, the proper penalty is for 65 miles and the difference in earnings from your regular assignment, if you miss it as a result of stepping up.

  • If you are the senior available bidder to the conductor’s extra board and CMS improperly uses regular crews instead of using you, you are entitled to a basic day penalty for each time a crew is stepped up.



  • CMTS Inquiry-"Job History" from your regular assignment showing what you would have worked if not stepped-up.

  • A copy of your complete tie-up showing what was actually worked.

  • For Senior Available Bidder to Extra Board:

    • A copy of the permanent bid list showing you as senior bidder, at the time crews were stepped up.

    • Snapshot of your regular assignment showing you were available. If other individuals were ahead of you on the bid list, but were not available for the call, include a copy of their job history showing their unavailability.

    • CMTS snap shots showing all crews stepped up



Was called off   (circ-7 and board ID)  pool  @ _____ hrs to work the (irregular job called for). Claim 65 mile penalty and make whole payment for the difference in earnings that my regular assignment, the   (regular assignment circ and ID)  , made. My regular assignment was called on duty at  _______hrs and  tied-up back in home terminal at  _____  hrs.



Was senior bidder and available for   (circ-7 and extra board ID)  board on ( date) at (     hrs) when Conductor     name   was stepped-up from his regular turn for the  (Job/train stepped up to)    . According to item 43d of the conductors extra board agreement in force, I should have been used to cover such vacancy before other crews were used on an irregular assignment. Claim 130 mile basic day penalty for CMS mishandling.

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