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Work After 8hrs (New Day)

The Claim:

  • When additional work is given after the close of shift and an emergency does not exist, a minimum day, at the rate of time and one-half for time consumed after 8 hours, should be claimed.  If overtime exceeds two hours (after deducting time consumed while transporting to final relief point), the first out yard crew available on the extra board will be allowed a minimum yard day.



  • A call sheet/snapshot (show job called for)

  • Switch list marked to show all work performed on overtime.

  • Transport times to tie-up point.

  • Snapshot of protecting extra board showing availability.



Claiming a basic day for being given additional work while on overtime in violation of Yard Rule 3 and PLB 7847, Award 1. Was called on duty at ­­­______hrs for the    (circ and job ID)  . At             hrs. was ordered by Yardmaster _____________to work on overtime until ________hrs. when yard van arrived to transport to tie up point. Tie-up at ______hrs. Claim a basic day for Rule 3 violation by working _____hours, ______minutes of overtime.



  • When overtime exceeds two hours, the first out available crew off the Protecting Extra Board is entitled to a basic day claim.

    • Give them a copy of your claim and documentation.



Claim for First-Out Available Extra Crew

The Claim:

  • When 2 hours or more of overtime is worked by a regular yard job, and there were available extra crews.



  • A copy of the time claim from the regular crew for working overtime.

  • A board standing for the Protecting Extra Board showing your first out and available status.



At _____ hrs the ___(Circ-7 and Yard Job ID)  began work on overtime beyond the close of the regular shift. Overtime was worked until _______ hrs in violation of Yard Rule 3. I was first out and available and should have been called for this service. Claim 100 mile penalty due to CMS Mishandling account not being called for this work. Per Crew Consist Modification, claim is made in addition to any and all guarantee payments.

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