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EOT Claim

 The Claim:

  • When instructed to handle (remove or hang) an EOT at a location where carmen were on duty and available.

  • Put in as a non-service claim or if available, claim on your working timeslip.



  • The EOT #

  • Train or track list showing car that EOT was placed on.

  • If changing the position of the EOT within the train, mark/highlight original rear car # and new car # on your track list.



Claiming 2 hours pay for handling an EOT in a Terminal where carmen are employed and available.  Was called to work the  (train symbol)  on   (date)   at  (Circ 7).  At ­­­­____ hrs, inside yard__, track ___, Yardmaster/Manager __________, instructed me hang/remove  EOT # _________ on/from car #___________.    Carman _______ was on duty, available and located in track_______, not performing any other duties---if the Carman handed you the EOT---Carman _________was on duty, available and handed me the EOT at rear car#__________.


* Note: Include any info you may have which indicates the nearby location/availability of the carman. This could include license plate # of carman vehicle, info regarding the carman delivering the EOT to you to hang, etc.

*DO NOT list the Carmen's location as, in the yard, Circ 7, nearby, etc.

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