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Driving Claim

The Claim:

  • When road crews are instructed to drive company vehicle.

  • Claim 130-mile basic day per Violation of PLB 5912 award #128.


Required Documentation:

  • Time slip with FRA tie up showing rubber miles that include what mileposts you drove from and to.

  • BU from tour of duty.



Claiming a 130 Mile basic day penalty for being instructed by (Manager/Dispatcher) _________ to operate a company vehicle, (description of vehicle-tag number)  __________ from _______ to ________.  I was called for the (train symbol) _____ @ ____ hrs. Transport/drive time began at _____ and ended at _____.

Per PLB 5912, Award #128, only yardmen are permitted to operate company vehicles in the performance of their duties.  I was not working in the capacity of a yardman but as a  ____­­­_______(through freight conductor, FIT, student), therefore I am claiming one basic day for performing work outside the scope of the Road Schedule of Agreements.

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