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  • Call sheet


    • Document all bus and train activity accurately in your federal tie-up. This proof is critical. If unsure of how to properly fill out the federal tie-up, call the UP tie-up help desk and have them walk you through the process.

  • Additionally must have ALL departure times, circ 7’s and mile posts.

      • For departing the 25 mile zone, or the turning point if within the zone

      • For arriving at your train

      • For coming back into the 25 mile zone

      • Arriving back at the terminal

  • Keep track of who instructed you to perform the service (dispatcher’s initials, yardmaster’s or manager’s title and name)

    Possible claims under this rule:

    25 Mile Zone

  • When you depart 25 miles past the switching limits of your terminal.



Was called under rule 31, short turn-around service, @ (time) hrs to dog catch the (train ID) @ (MP location) . Departed  (Circ-7) @  (time) hrs. in bus (direction, east, west, north or southward). Departed 25 mile zone @  (time)_hrs. Arrived mp___ and took charge of train & departed @ ____hrs. Arrived back inside 25 mile zone @ ____hrs. Arrived back@ (Terminal circ-7) switching limits @ _____hrs. Claim basic day for performing work outside the 25 mile zone per Rule 31. 

New Day/Depart After 8

  • Any time you depart the terminal after having been on duty for 8 hours.

    • Note: A new day penalty for running over 100 miles inside the 25 miles zone, or for breaking the 25 mile zone would begin a "new day" and thus re-set the clock for the 8 hours provision.



Was called under rule 31, short turn-around service, on duty at @ 1200 hrs. At ____hrs. per instruction of Dispatcher ___, departed (circ-7) switching limits at ____hrs to dog catch the (train ID). Arrived at (train ID) at ____ hrs at MP___ took charge of train and departed @ 2058hrs. Arrived back @(circ-7) @ _____ hrs. Claim basic day for violation of rule 31, departing terminal after over 8 hrs on duty.


Accumulated Miles Inside 25 Mile Zone Totaling More Than 100

  • If the total miles ran in both the bus and all trains inside the 25 mile zone totals more than 100 you are entitled to basic/new day. You become eligible for this claim @ the point you hit the 100 miles. For example if you are on your way back into town on your third train, and @ mp 222 your miles total 100, at that point you are eligible for the 130 mile claim.

  • You will need to detail each bus ride and train up to that point, listing the to and from mile posts with the total miles inside the 25 mile zone from each train, along with the grand total.

  • Also include the times for each departure/arrival, along with the time and mp that put you over 100 miles.

  • Make certain the information on your claim matches the information on your federal tie-up.



  • For each violation, the first out available conductor off the Protecting Extra Board is entitled to a basic day penalty claim.

    • Save them a copy of your claim

    • Print the board standings for Protecting Extra Board showing availability for each violation. 


The claim for 1st Out Extra Man:

  • You will claim a basic day penalty when a violation of Rule 31 occurs, and you were first out and available. 



  • A copy of the Federal Tie-Up (complete and accurate showing all work performed) of the trainman who violated the provisions of Rule 31.

  • A board standing for the Protecting Extra Board showing your first out and available status. 


    At _____ hrs Conductor___(Name)   was called to dog catch the (train symbol) . After dogcatching the  (train symbol) ,and arriving back at on-duty terminal, he/she was instructed to dogcatch the (train symbol) at (MP location). Departed  (circ-7) terminal limits @ _____hrs in bus  (direction, north, east, west, south) . Arrived (MP location)and took charge of train & departed @ _____hrs. Arrived back inside  (circ-7) terminal limits @ _____hrs. I was first out and available and should have been called for this service. Claim 130 mile basic day penalty account not being called for this service. Per Crew Consist Modification, claim is made in addition to any and all guarantee payments.

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