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Called Outside Call Times

Yard Calling Windows

(Called outside of) 

Your claims:

  • When a yard job (extra or regular) is called at a time other than those listed in Rule 5b (…0500-0759, 1300-1559, 2100-2359) 

  • When called outside of the above-specified times, a claim for a basic day Mishandling should be filed.



  • A call sheet or snap shot demonstrating the improper call time and job.

  • A complete copy of your tie-up showing what you worked and when. 



Claiming a basic day account being called for yard job _(job id)__ outside of calling windows as defined in Rule 5. Was called on duty off the    (circ and board id) for the    (job id)   at    (time)    hrs. Tied-up at     (time)  hrs.

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