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Your claims:

  • Any time you called for/working an assigned job and are used for service pertaining to a different road job before departing or after arriving at the final terminal.

  • Claim a 130 mile basic day penalty.

  • For this claim, you will enter a non-service claim.


Required Documentation:

  • Track inquiry, train list or switch list showing the cars handled not connected to your assignment, and a copy of your job's train list absent the cars handled in violation of the agreement.

  • This would validate the cars not being part of the assigned job (if air testing, etc).



Was called off _________ (circ 7)__________(board) @ ______ hrs to work the ___________. This is an assigned/bulletined job with set starting times, days and a regular crew. Claim130 mile basic day penalty for violation of rule 51. At ________ hrs was instructed by __________(manager’s title and name) to _(include all pertinent information-car #'s, times, yard/track/mp locations, etc for all moves)__________. Began move at________hrs and completed work at ______hrs. 


The Agreement:

RULE 51. BASIC DAY.     (a) For service paid the local or way freight rates, 100 miles or less, 8 hours or less (straight away or turn-around) shall constitute a day. Miles in excess of 100 will be paid for at the local freight mileage rate provided herein.(b) Assigned crews performing extra road service either before beginning their assignment or after arriving at terminal will be paid on the basis of a new day.

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